Renato Pavesi

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Renato Pavesi was born in Budapest from an Italian father and a Hungarian mother and was raised there where he learnt privately from a handful of exceptional guitar maestros.

In Hungary, he had several projects and had appeared in TV and radio shows and regularly was invited to play on festivals including one of Europe's largest music gathering the SZIGET Festival.

He had travelled extensively and performed not only in European countries such as Sweden, Italy, Spain and France but in Iraq, Korea and Japan as well. In the UK he was performing in the St.

James Theatre and The Rose Theatre in Kingston and on summer festivals like the Also Festival.

His repertoire is based on many of his own compositions and of flamenco puro guitar pieces. He had been influenced by Paco de Lucia, Sabicas and also by Hungarian Gipsy music.

He keeps alive the tradition of solo flamenco guitar recital commenced by Maestro Sabicas and aside of being a traditional player he personalises the spirit of flamenco.

Currently Renato is studying music at Kingston University in London.