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I'm a London based guitarist.I have learnt flamenco guitar on courses of renown flamenco guitarists.

If you want to start from the very basics of guitar playing,feel free to contact me, I'm here to help you to study and develop.

Whether you just want to learn a few acoustic songs or get a bit more serious and deal with advanced techniques and learn flamenco guitar, I can help.

Students of all ages are welcome.

I will not overwhelm you with musical theory and we will focus on the practical aspects of playing the guitar.

I have a wide range of excercises to improve your technique and rythm.
We can start with all the basics of playing and understanding the guitar,
from the right positioning to basic chords and harmonies.

If you want to start your journey on the path of flamenco..
I can help you to learn the unique rytmh forms ( such as Bulerias, Solea and so on),
fingerpicking techniques, harmonisation, falsetas etc.

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Renato Pavesi